Osteopathy in the cranial field

Cranial osteopathy is NOT a separate entity from osteopathy – it is osteopathy. It is an intrinsic part of osteopathic philosophy, another treatment modality that osteopaths use to help their patients get better.

Said that, cranial osteopathy is the most comprehensive treatment modality I have come across in my many years of experience as a health practitioner. When we put our hands on the patient, we are able to judge the rate, rhythm, quality, tone (and treat accordingly) of their internal environment or homeostasis, of your nervous, immune, and hormonal systems. When treating with cranial we are assessing your vitality, your strength to fight viruses or bacteria; your body’s ability to heal any injuries or health issues that has happened in the past or may come along in the future.

The cranial osteopathic treatment is gentle and unobtrusive. It may be able to restore your body’s ability to respond to any adverse conditions it may encounter as well as stop and prevent degenerative processes like wear and tear of joints.

It does it by addressing your inner strength and by regulating your homeostasis. It restores your body’s ability to heal itself. Your body is striving to reach a perfect health state all the time. Cranial osteopathy engages this healing ability.

The Health of which we speak in osteopathy is at the center of our being and cannot increase or decrease at a greater or lesser degree. In other words, the health of our body does not get sick. Health in the body actually transcends death. Health in our body is 100% available, 24 hours a day from conception to death, and then she exhales. It does not expire. “- Dr. James Jealous

The biodynamic school of cranial osteopathy uses primordial forces to treat the body. These embryonic forces are still active in helping us recover from trauma, accidents, injuries or disease. They were the forces that created our body and are responsible for maintaining and repair when it malfunctions. It is a true core stability.

During the treatment there is a reboot of the nervous/hormonal/homeostatic mechanisms, a healing space where the body can regenerate and heal. The reason you may feel very relaxed is because the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are rebalanced.

Bioelectric, Biomolecular and Biomechanical forces are a unit of function; we artificially separate them for learning but the living is a Whole. Our sense of poised balance at the neutral incorporates all forces.”  Jim Jealous

“When all the fulcrums are synchronized there will be peace and harmony” W.G. Sutherland