The early years

Fabiano da Silva D.O., MSc Paediatric Osteopathy, MSCC, PgCAP

The early years

I started in practice in 1993 when I decided to study osteopathy and practiced sports massage during my osteopathic training. It was hard work trying to build a practice as well as study and make a living but all that effort paid off, when I graduated in 1999 and had my own patients and never looked back.

General Osteopathic Council (GOsC)  registered  osteopaths have to complete 4 or 5 years of training in anatomy, pathology, biomechanics, osteopathy philosophy and theory, and 1000 hours of clinical supervision.

My practice evolved over the years. It started in a very structural way, as I guess all osteopaths start life which was a worthwhile experience. Helping people get better from pain they had for a long time. I believe osteopathy, as a holistic complementary medical system, is a kind of missing link in our modern lives. It is a complete system of medicine that takes the whole body into consideration.

I incorporated my experience of sports injuries and expanded it in the form of feet/knees and hips injuries by attending post-graduate courses in how to prescribe orthotics or feet insoles. These help correct postural imbalances and lower extremity problems not only in athletes but all patients that come for advice.

From there I also did western acupuncture or dry-needling to ease muscular pain more effectively.

All of these skills I still use and my practice is a result of all my previous experience. I still keep this stance by adding new skills every year, my aim is to become a complete practitioner that has a patient centred practice and is able to care for the entire family.