The future

The future

When I finished my paediatrics degree in 2006, the OCC invited me to stay and teach at the masters in paediatrics, where I am still teaching. It gives me great pleasure in passing on my skills to others and see budding osteopaths become competent practitioners.

As part of my teaching post, I was offered the possibility of doing a PgCAP course and learn how to teach, I jumped at the chance. I was reluctant at the beginning with the amount of work involved on top of the teaching activities and my own private clinic, but once the course started I loved the whole experience and the chance to meet Princess Anne for the second time (the first time was with the paediatric degree).

The PgCAP (Post-graduate Certificate in Academic Practice) at the Bedfordshire University is a renowned course at a respected institution. It runs over 2 years and you learn the theories of education and get acquainted with all the thinkers in the subject, as well as, how to handle students and their expectations. I got a lot out of it and loved it once exams were over.


Through the love of osteopathy and teaching, I got together with a group of friends and with guidance from the Christian Sullivan and Jim Jealous we started the BioBasics UK, which is very successful, growing each year.

BioBasics UK – a group of like-minded osteopaths working together to provide affordable osteopathic training in the Biodynamic field through a non-profit organisation. We run courses on a yearly basis for osteopathy students and osteopaths interested in the cranial field.

I am also teaching osteopathy and paediatric osteopathy in Portugal and Brazil.

Someone asked me if I was the perpetual student. I guess that we are here in this world to learn, so yes, I may be a perpetual student. So much to learn so little time. I shall keep you posted of my next endeavour.

For the past 8 years I am also a volunteer at a disabled children’s hospital in a deprived area of Brazil.