Osteopathy as you get older


As we get older, our body does not respond as well as it does when we are young. The muscles, ligaments and joints, don’t have the same spring as they did. This is part of the natural ageing process of the body. What is not natural is the fact we expect our bodies to degenerate and have problems associated with it – chronic pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes.

To some extent, all of the above are preventable if you take a proactive stance towards your health by first, not accepting it is going to happen, and then getting up and doing something about it. Exercise is proven to extend life expectancy, as well as a healthy diet and lifestyle. Supplementation can also help but supplying your body with the raw ingredients to maintain health, but it is not in substitution of a good diet.

Osteopathy may be able to help by taking the strains and pressures that we put on our bodies during our lives. This accumulation of forces is the trigger for degeneration. Just like the rings in a tree-trunk can tell the environment factors in that tree lifetime, the body will be responding to the sum of the factors that happened in our lives. Most of which we can deal with successfully with gentle articulatory techniques and addressing the structure as a whole.