Your first session

Your 1st session 

On your first session I will be asking you lots of questions regarding your main complaint, the pain or discomfort you have at the moment. Think about it so you can give as much information as possible. Is it worse in the morning or evening? What movements aggravate it? As well as your main complaint, I will be asking you questions regarding your general health, previous accidents, medication, and including previous labour, exercise regime, age and profession so I have an idea you as a whole person. Why so many questions?

a)    As a health professional, I need to know about your medical background so I can help you further. You may find that the treatment may help with other aspects of your health that you did not expect.

b)    There may be, apparently to you, unrelated symptoms that I may believe contribute to your diagnosis and/or clinical picture, so I need a detailed account of your health issues.

You may be asked to undress so I can examine you properly but never completely and always conserving your modesty. Exposed areas will be covered as much as possible during treatment. If you prefer not to undress, just let me know and I will respect your wishes and examination and treatment may still be performed.  

Cancelation – please be considerate and give me 24 hours notice of cancelation. If you don’t, you may prevent someone that is pain from having treatment. So please give me as much notice as possible.